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Hotel Levi Panoraman pääsisäänkäynti talvella lumiasussa.

Hotel Levi Panorama

Address Tunturitie 205, 99130 Levi, FINLAND
Tel. +358 (0)16 336 3000

Reservations for groups, meetings and events:
Mon – Fri 9-16
Tel. +358 (0)40 456 2059

Sky Suite avaa upean näkymän Levin tuntureille ja Lapin yätaivaalle.

Hotel Levi Panorama enjoys a prime location on one of Levitunturi felltops overlooking the Levi Fell Village, beautiful landscapes and ski pistes. Choose between well equipped hotel rooms and suites, apartments or Sky Suites, in which you can enjoy the night sky, the twinkling of the stars and the glow of the northern lights under the glass roof of the Sky Suite.

The beauty of Lapland's nature and experiences all year round

Laskettelija nauttimassa Levin kevätauringosta Hotel Levi Panoraman viereisessä eturinteessä.

There is something for everyone in Levi’s activities. The winter in Lapland is long and active and varied for skiers. Despite the shortness of summer, it is stunningly beautiful with the light of nightless nights glowing in the green fells. Arriving in the autumn, you can experience the unique colorful time of autumn, ruska. After the winter ski season, the glistening ridges of spring arrive, which attract ski enthusiasts to the ski slopes of the fells year after year. Lapland is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, full of things to do and enjoy all year round.

See what Levi offers right now!

Hotel Rooms

Hotel Levi Panoraman Standard-huone.
Standard Room

The spacious and comfortable 28.5 m² Standard room has comfortable twin beds, a sofa bed and a bright bathroom. Standard rooms are also available as pet friendly!

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iihtyisä ja tilava Superior hotellihuone Hotel Levi Panoramassa
Superior Room

Superior rooms have a balcony and they are 33 m² in size and have twin beds and a sofa bed. The spacious Superior rooms can be connected with other room.

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Hotel Levi Panoraman Junior-sviitti kylpyammeella.
Junior Suite

The Junior Suites are spacious 37-46.5 m² rooms with two 100 cm wide beds and a bright living room with a sofa bed. Some rooms have a sauna and some a bathtub.

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deluxe-sviitti yhdellä makuuhuoneella, Hotel Levi Panorama, Levi.
Standard Suite

Stylish and spacious 52.5 m² Standard Suites are a great accommodation option e.g. families. The suites have bedroom, living room and a bright bathroom.

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Deluxe-sviitti kahdella makuuhuoneella, Hotel Levi Panorama, Levi.
Deluxe Suite

The spacious Deluxe suites have a balcony and two twin bedrooms, a living room and two bathrooms. The bright Deluxe suites are 65-67.5 m2 in size and some have a private sauna.

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Sky Suite avaa upean näkymän Levin yötaivaalle ja tuntureiden ylle.
Sky Suite

Sky Suites offer luxury in the vicinity of the mountain village of Levi. Sky Suites are ideal for admiring the twinkling of the village, the northern lights and the nightless night!

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Sky Suite Deluxe tarjoaa enemmän tilaa ja upean maiseman Levin tutureille ja taivaalle.
Sky Suite Deluxe

Sky Suite Deluxe offers more space and luxury, a private sauna and a kitchenette! You can spend the night in a glass-roofed igloo in a double bed under the Lapland sky.

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