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Restaurant Vetta - À la carte

Ravintola Panorama jälkiruoka

Welcome to Restaurant Vetta

Restaurant Vetta invites you to enjoy tasty food and drinks!

À la carte 5 pm – 10 pm (kitchen open until 9.30 pm)

Tel. +358 (0)40 532 0569

Ravintola Vettan ruoka-annokset Kittilän Levillä.

À la carte -menu

CARTE  MENU 5pm to 9.30pm



Creamy Salmon Soup (Lf,Gf) Small 13€ Large 19€
Creamy Salmon Soup and Toasted Rye Bread

Smoked Reindeer and Finnish Archipelago Bread (Lf) 15€
Toasted Bread and Cold Smoked Reindeer Filling

Beetroot Carpaccio and Goat Cheese Mousse (Lf,Gf) 13€
Thinly Sliced ​​Beetroot, Honey, Capers and Goat Cheese Mousse

Smoked Beef Tartare (Mf,Gf) 14€
Smoked Beef Tartare, Truffle Mayonnaise and Pickled Fennel

Cold smoked Salmon Salad (Mf,Gf) Small 13€ Large 18€
Salad, Cold Smoked Salmon, Cherry Tomatoes, Capers, Pickled Red Onions and Lemon Vinaigrette



Whitefish and White Wine Sauce (Lf,Gf) 29€
Roasted Lappish Potatoes, White Wine Sauce, Pickled Red Onions, Roasted Carrots and Striped Beetroot

Black Angus Beef and Cognac Sauce (Lf,Gf) 34€
Lappish Potatoes, Black Angus Sirloin Steak (180g, AUS), Carrot Puree, Roasted Carrots, Striped Beetroot and Cognac Sauce

Panorama Burger & Sweet Potato Fries (Lf) 23€
Brioche Bun, Beef Burger Patty (180g, FIN), Black Pepper Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Pickled Red Onions, Salad, Mayonnaise and House Coleslaw

Crispy Vegan Burger & Sweet Potato Fries (V) 23€
Brioche Bun, Breaded Vegetable Patty, Tomato, Pickled Red Onions, Salad, Mayonnaise and House Coleslaw Salad

Sauteed Reindeer (Lf,Gf) 32€
Sauteeed Reindeer (FIN), Mashed Potatoes, Pickles and Lingonberries

Garlic Romanesco (Mf,Gf,) 27€
Romanesco Cabbage Seasoned with Garlic Oil on a Bed of Spinach and Red Chard, Roasted Carrots, Striped Beetroot, Beetroot Hummus and Mayonnaise



Blueberry Crème Brulee (Lf,Gf) 12€

Chocolate Cake and Pickled Cherry (Lf,Gf) 14€

Lappish Cheese, Cloudberry, Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream (Lf,Gf) 14€



Burger and French Fries (Lf) 14€
Brioche Bun, Beef Patty (120g, FIN ), Salad, Tomato, Ketchup, French Fries and Mayonnaise

Chicken Basket (Mf) 14€
Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Ketchup and Mayonnaise

Sauteed Reindeer (Lf,Gf) 16€
Sauteed Reindeer (FIN), Mashed Potatoes, Pickles and Lingonberries


Lf=Lactose Free, Mf=Milk Free Gf=Gluten Free V=Vegan


Tapas menu 5pm to 9.30pm


From the Arctic Waters (Lf) 18€
Lightly Salted Whitefish, Roe Sour Cream Mousse and Red Onions, Cold Smoked Salmon, Pickled Fennel and Dill, Finnish Archipelago Bread and Butter

Game Tapas (Lf) 18€
Cold Smoked Reindeer and Wild Mushroom Salad, Venison Sausage and Pickled Red Onions, Reindeer Chips and Cranberry Jelly Flavored with Cranberry Liqueur and Toasted Rye Bread

Cheese Plate (Lf) 18€
Smoked Cheese, Blue Cheese and Gouda, Fig Jam, Grapes and Seed Cracker


Gf=Gluten Free Mf= Milk Free L=Lactose Free V=Vegan

Wine and drinks

Enjoy fine wines for dinner or lunch or relax with a glass in the bar. You will find a diverse selection of drinks on our drink and wine list!