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Restaurant Panorama - À la carte

Ravintola Panorama jälkiruoka

Opening hours:

Open Mon-Sun 17:00-22:00
Kitchen open until 21:30

Contact information:
Restaurant Panorama, Hotel Levi Panorama, first floor | Tunturitie 205, Levi

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Tel. +358 (0)40 532 0569

Ravintola Vettan ruoka-annokset Kittilän Levillä.

À la carte -menu


House Green Salad (DF, GF, V) 8€
Cherry tomatoes, Lingonberry Marinated Red Onions, Cucumber, Zucchini, Romaine Lettuce, Beetroot, Raspberry Vinaigrette and Nuts

Ginger Pumpkin Soup (DF, V,vGF*) Large 15€ Small 10€
Archipelago Bread, Nuts and Herb Oil

Creamy Salmon Soup (NOR) (LF, GF*) Large 18€ Small 13€
Archipelago Bread and Chive Butter

House Bread Basket and Chive Butter (LF) 6€

Main Course

Beef Sirloin Steak 180g (FIN) (LF, GF) 26€
Roasted Potatoes, Vegetables and Blueberry Red Wine Sauce

Panorama Bread (LF, GF*) 23€
Beef Sirloin Steak 180g (FIN), Lingonberry Marinated Red Onions, Spinach, Creamy Forest Mushroom Sauce on Focaccia Bread and Sweet Potato Fries

Fried Trout (FIN) (LF, GF) 26€
Lappish Mashed Potatoes, Fried Vegetables and Forest Mushroom Sauce

Sauteed Reindeer (FIN) (LF, GF) 29€
Lappish Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Lingonberries and Pickled Cucumber

Deer Burger (FIN) (LF, GF*) 19,50€
Deer Patty 150g, Tomato, Lingonberry Marinated Red Onions, Salad, Thyme Garlic Mayonnaise, Cheese and Bacon

Side dishes (MF, GF)
French Fries 3,50€
Sweet Potato Fries 5€
Salad 3,50€

Thyme Garlic Mayonnaise (DF, GF) 2€
Plain Mayonnaise (DF, GF) 2€
Chipotle Mayonnaise (DF, V, GF) 2€

Salads (DF, GF)
Cherry Tomatoes, Lingonberry Marinated Red Onions, Cucumber, Zucchini, Romaine Lettuce, Beetroot, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Nuts and Thyme Garlic Mayonnaise
With Salmon (NOR) 16€
With Rosemary Marinated Chicken (FIN) 15€

Goat Cheese and Beetroot Pasta (LF, GF*) 20€
Creamy Beetroot Sauce, Roasted Cashews, Spinach and Fresh Pasta


Lappish Cheese (LF, GF) 12,50€
Cinnamon Cream and Cloudberries

Panorama’s Carrot Cake (LF) 13€
Mascarpone Foam, Apple, Roasted Cashew Nuts and Salted Caramel Sauce

One Scoop of Ice Cream 5€
Ask the waiter about the flavors of the day
Sauces: Salted Caramel or Chocolate

GF*=available gluten free on request GF=gluten free V= vegan DF=dairy free LF=lactose free 

Lapsi juo vettä

Kids’ menu

Children´s Minute Steak (FIN) (LF, GF) 13€
French Fries, Salad and Chive Butter

Children’s Burger (FIN) (LF, GF*) 11€
Beef patty 75g, Tomato, Cheese, Ketchup and French Fries

Children’s Sauteed Reindeer (FIN) (LF,GF) 14€
Lappish Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Lingonberries and Pickles

Wine and drinks

Enjoy fine wines for dinner or lunch or relax with a glass in the bar. You will find a diverse selection of drinks on our drink and wine list!